Specializing in Italian Coffee , Gelato & Fresh Fruit Ice Cream


We Are A Locally Crafted Coffee & Ice Cream bar. Proudly Serving Scoops & Sips since 2019.

Conveniently located in the picturesque Creekside Village in Whistler, BC, here at Confetti we take pride in serving authentic Italian coffee & treats. A perfect pit-stop for the whole family to grab a treat. So ski off the slopes and into Confetti to design your treat, your way.


Tuesday - Friday | 7AM - 5PM
Saturday - Sunday | 7AM - 5PM

Design Your Own Gelato

You can design your own dream gelato flavour & we shall whip it up in fabulous machine

At Confetti you can become a master gelato maker and create your very own flavour of gelato. Pick a fruit or two and watch our magic machine churn out your perfect tasty treat!

Winter Warmers

A heart warming meal, any time of day!

Try our 3 different Oatmeal Flavours. Apple pie, S'mores and The Nutty Professor.


Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 5PM
Saturday - Sunday | 8AM - 5PM

Winter Special Hot Cocoa

We have two special hot cocoas to keep you warm through the winter.

First up we have "The Spicy Mayan" which is a Mayan hot choclate with a in-house blend of spicies to give your hot chocolate a "naughty" boost.
Second up we have "The Mars Bar", this hot chocolate has a blend of caramel and chocolate, topped with chunks of Mars bar on top. Satisfyingly Sweet this is the perfectly "nice" hot chocolate we can all enjoy. Which will you try first?