Specializing in Italian Coffee , Gelato & Fresh Fruit Ice Cream


We Are A Locally Crafted Coffee & Ice Cream bar. Proudly Serving Scoops & Sips since 2019.

Conveniently located in the picturesque Creekside Village in Whistler, BC, here at Confetti we take pride in serving authentic Italian coffee & treats. A perfect pit-stop for the whole family to grab a treat. So ski off the slopes and into Confetti to design your treat, your way.


Tuesday - Friday | 7AM - 5PM
Saturday - Sunday | 7AM - 5PM

Design Your Own Gelato

You can design your own dream gelato flavour & we shall whip it up in fabulous machine

At Confetti you can become a master gelato maker and create your very own flavour of gelato. Pick a fruit or two and watch our magic machine churn out your perfect tasty treat!

Winter Warmers

A heart warming meal, any time of day!

Try our 3 different Oatmeal Flavours. Apple pie, S'mores and The Nutty Professor.


Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 5PM
Saturday - Sunday | 8AM - 5PM

Give the Affagoto Ago

A decadent scoop of creamy gelato drowned with hot shot of espresso!

A traditional Italian dessert.